Georgia Hospital Dentistry

Dr. Kurtzman specializes in Georgia hospital dentistry and has been practicing dentistry in Marietta for over twenty-nine years.  He has worked hard to create a safe and compassionate environment for special care patients to receive general, cosmetic, restorative and implant dental treatment. Dr. Kurtzman and his team are dedicated to making sure that each patient is completely at ease before, during and after a dental procedure.

Dr. Kurtzman started out in 1982 with a traditional dental practice providing cosmetic, reconstructive and general dental care. Approximately ten years ago, he decided he wanted to do things differently and adopted a holistic approach to dentistry by respecting the mind, body and spirit of each patient according to their personality, health goals and desires. To this end, he has structured his practice to allocate more time for each patient. Dr. Kurtzman schedules one patient at a time and focuses on one patient at a time. At David Kurtzman, DDS, each patient receives our undivided attention and receives unhurried and compassionate care.

Compassionate Sedation Dentist

Are you looking for a Rome sedation dentist?  David Kurtzman, DDS specializes in sleep/sedation dentistry for special care patients including developmentally disabled or physically handicapped patients, patients with mild to severe medical problems and patients with mild to severe dental phobias. He also provides sleep/sedation dentistry for patients who require longer dental procedures or who require a large amount of dental work that needs to be completed quickly.

Dr. Kurtzman provides dental treatment in his office as well as in the hospital setting. Procedures requiring oral sedatives, Nitrous Oxide Gas, local anesthesia or some combination of these can be performed the dental office. Procedures requiring intravenous sedation or general anesthesia are performed in operating rooms especially equipped for dentistry at Wellstar Windy Hill and Kennestone hospitals in Marietta. In the hospital setting, Dr. Kurtzman is assisted by surgical nurses as well as a trained anesthesiologist.

Reputable Sleep Dentistry

If you are interested in Augusta sleep dentistry for yourself or for a "hard to treat" patient in your practice, please contact our Georgia Hospital Dentistry Specialists today to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

David Kurtzman, DDS accepts new patients. We also accept referrals from other dentists for their "hard to treat" patients. In fact, patients often travel from as far away as South Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee to receive treatment from a dentist with Dr. Kurtzman's level of expertise. Once effectively treated by Dr. Kurtzman, referred patients are returned to their referring dental office for recall and recare.

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