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Georgia Dentist for Patients with Anxiety

Dr. Kurtzman is the premier Georgia dentist for patients with anxiety. Approximately 50 percent of the population has some level of fear about going to the dentist. For approximately 9-15% of the population, the fear is strong enough to prevent them from seeking dental care, even in if they are experiencing dental or mouth pain, tooth decay or even tooth loss. Years of avoiding dental care due to fear can lead to more serious dental problems that require longer appointments. This leads greater fear and more avoidance of the dentist. It is a vicious cycle!

Negative past experiences with the dentist as well as anxiety disorders can result in a debilitating fear of the dentist. Many patients who fear the dentist have been told to “suck it up” or “be an adult” by those who do not have these fears and do not understand them. This can cause patients to feel embarrassed and ashamed.

In the cases where the front teeth are affected by lack of dental treatment, there is the added embarrassment of an unattractive smile. Years of fear, embarrassment and shame can negatively affect a person’s self esteem and confidence.

Gentle Dental Care for Patients Afraid of the Dentist

Dr. Kurtzman and the staff at David Kurtzman, DDS provide outsanding Atlanta dental care for patients afraid of the dentist. We help patients with mild to moderate anxiety about going to the dentist break this cycle of fear and shame. We do this by first and foremost providing a safe, compassionate and soothing environment for patients to receive dental care.

Dr. Kurtzman can treat most patients with mild anxiety in his office using a local anesthetic, such as Novocaine, to eliminate pain and sometimes a little bit of Nitrous Oxide Gas “laughing gas” to reduce their anxiety. Patients with moderate anxiety typically need more than just a mild anti-anxiety agent to undergo dental procedures in a dental office. Their anxiety causes enough stress on their system that it can actually be dangerous. In order to treat these patients in his office, Dr. Kurtzman administers oral sedation containing stronger anti-anxiety agents and closely monitors the patients during their procedures.

Dr. Kurtzman personally makes sure that patients who suffer from mild or moderate anxiety are completely at ease before, during and after any dental procedure. Dr. Kurtzman and his staff strive to create a great experience for each patient that will forever change the way they feel about visiting the dentist.

If you or someone you know is in need of dental treatment but suffers from fear and/or anxiety about going to the dentist, please contact our Georiga Dentists for Patients with Anxiety at David Kurtzman, DDS today to get more information regarding sedation dentistry. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Patient Reviews
David Kurtzman D.S.S.

4.7 / 5.0

Based on 16 Google reviews

Dr. Kurtzman was professional and friendly as he and his staff always are. He explained everything clearly and provided steps for me to follow through. I have been seeing Dr. K for over 20 years and would not go to anyone else.

Andrea T.

They work with you to find an appointment time that’s convenient. They send timely reminders. You’re welcomed and any needs are met. Dr. Kurtzman explain what the plan/procedure is for the appointment. He explains what he’s doing and answers questions. He discusses next steps or followup. He never makes you feel you’re asking dumb questions or rushing him. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Valerie M.

Dr. Kurtzman is the best!!! He made my root canal virtually pain free! He is so friendly and explained everything throughout the procedure. Highly recommend!!!

Kelli B.

Having recently moved to Marietta we were most concerned about leaving our medical professionals behind. Dr. Kurtzman and his team quickly allayed all our concerns. From simple cleaning to complex implant procedures they made it all seem effortless. Loved the atmosphere of the office and the people were truly cheerful and friendly and skillful.

Chris L.

I came to see Dr. K to fix a filling done by another provider. The filling had caused pain ever since it was done eight months prior and the other provider was unable to figure out why even after two follow-up visits. Dr. K determined that the filling was loose and replaced it. The replacement process was almost spa-like thanks to the relaxing gas and deft skills of Dr. K. Now, this filling fits perfectly and I can chew on that side of my mouth for the first time in eight months. Thank You, Dr. K!

Cristal C.

I have been a patient of Dr. David Kurtzman for years, even before he opened his current office in Kennesaw. He and his dental hygienists provide professional and friendly service. Dr. Kurtzman is the best!

Bill C.

Great dentist and oral hygenist Laurie. Visits are almost fun. Have been going to Dr K for over 30 yrs. Where one dentist told him many years ago it was not worth trying to save my teeth Dr K ignored, worked with me, and I still have my teeth.

Sharon B.

Hello all, Zanifer's family are all pleased with the care and results of her last visit. I am even more happy to receive confirmation that we are doing a very good job in maintaining her oral hygiene. My wife, even with her medical condition acknowledges the kindness from each of you. Thanks again and a Very Happy Mothers day to all the Mommy's. Kris

Zanifer K.