Georgia Dental Care for Patients Allergic to Anesthetics

Dr. Kurtzman provides safe, comfortable Georgia dental care for patients allergic to anesthetics.  Lidocaine, Novacaine, Articaine and Prilocaine are local anesthetics that are used by dentists for patients receiving dental treatment. They are injected directly onto the site where the patient is receiving dental treatment to numb the area. This enables the patients to stay conscious during dental treatment without feeling pain and helps patients who suffer from severe dental anxiety or severe gag reflex. However, a small percentage of the population is allergic to these medications or has a dangerous reaction to them.

Patients who are allergic to local anesthetics such as Lidocaine, Novacaine, Articaine and Prilocaine may experience nuisance symptoms such as rashes or more dangerous symptoms such as passing out or the inability to breath. For these patients, dentistry can be dangerous and even life threatening!

Dentist Anesthetic Allergies

Dr. Kurtzman is the Atlanta dentist for patients with anesthetic allergies.  If you are one of the patients in this small population, you know how dangerous receiving dental treatment can be. You may have even avoided going to the dentist in the past due to the fear associated with receiving complex dental work without local anesthesia. Fortunately, there is no need to avoid the dentist any longer!

Dr. Kurtzman treats patients who are allergic to local anesthesia in specially equipped operating rooms at Wellstar Windy Hill and Kennestone hospitals under general anesthesia. Patients are placed under general anesthesia by a trained anesthesiologist and are monitored for the entire time that they are unconscious.

Using general anesthesia in a hospital seeting enables Dr. Kurtzman to safely and painlessly provide these special care patients with the dental treatment that they want and need. Dr. Kurtzman and his staff personally make sure that each patient is completely at ease before, during and after any dental procedure. We strive to create a great experience for patients who are allergic to local anesthetics that will forever change the way they feel about visiting the dentist.

If you are allergic to local anesthesia, you do not have to endure pain while receiving dental treatment. Instead, contact our Dental Care for Patients Allergic to Anesthetics Experts at David Kurtzman, DDS today to find out more information about sleep/sedation dentistry. We look forward to hearing from you.

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