Georgia Dental Care Under General Anesthesia

Dr. Kurtzman is one of only a select few dentists who offer Georgia dental care under general anesthesia.  General anesthesia refers to not only the elimination of feeling, but also the loss of consciousness. General anesthesia involves administering medications to put patients "to sleep." While under general anesthesia, patients are in a deep, unconscious sleep state. They are unresponsive to questions and commands, and are unable to feel any pain.

It is necessary to place some patients under general anesthesia in order for them to get the dental care they need. To ensure the safety of his patients, Dr. Kurtzman administers general anesthesia in a hospital setting only. He performs dental procedures utilizing general anesthesia in specially equipped operating rooms at Wellstar Windy Hill and Kennestone Hospitals. In the hospital operating rooms, general anesthesia is administered by trained anesthesiologists and patients' breathing and vital signs are monitored for entire time they are unconscious.

Personalized Hospital Dentistry

Dr. Kurtzman practices hospital dentistry utilizing general anesthesia to perform dental procedures on the following patients who require special care:

General anesthesia enables Dr. Kurtzman to provide these special care patients with personalized, pain free care in a safe and monitored hospital environment. Dr. Kurtzman personally makes sure that each patient is completely at ease before, during and after any dental procedure. Using general anesthesia, he and his staff strive to create a great experience for special care patients that will forever change the way they feel about visiting the dentist.

If you are looking for a talented sleep/sedation dentist who utilizes general anesthesia, please contact our Hospital Dentistry Experts at David Kurtzman, DDS a call today to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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