Georgia Dentist Who Treats Patients with Huntington's Disease

If you are looking for a Georgia dentist who treats patients with Huntington's disease, you have come to the right place.  Huntington's Disease is genetic disorder that is passed down through families. It is a genetic defect that causes certain nerve cells in the brain to waste away or degenerate. Symptoms can include abnormal and unusual movements such as quick, sudden and sometimes wild jerking movements of the arms, legs, face and other body parts. Symptoms may also include antisocial behaviors, irritability, increased anxiety and tension, paranoia and dementia. Patients in later stages of the disease may also have difficulty swallowing.

The symptoms of Huntington's Disease discussed above make it difficult or even impossible to treat these special care patients in a traditional dental office setting. Most dental offices are simply not equipped to handle these special care patients.

David Kurtzman, DDS provides a compassionate and safe environment for patients with Huntington's Disease to receive dental care, including complex dental work. Dr. Kurtzman and his staff are familiar with this disease and have experience treating patients who are affected by it. Our office is specially equipped to handle special care patients, however, it is safer to treat most patients with Huntington's Disease in a hospital setting under general anesthesia.

Dental Care & Huntington's Disease

Dr. Kurtzman provides comfortable Atlanta dental care for patients with Huntington's Disease in specially equipped operating rooms at Wellstar Windy Hill and Kennestone Hospitals. In the operating rooms, patients are placed under general anesthesia by trained anesthesiologists and monitored for the entire time they are receiving treatment. Treating Huntington's Disease patients in a hospital setting enables Dr. Kurtzman to provide them with effective, pain-free dental care while at the same time ensuring their safety.

David Kurtzman, DDS gladly accepts patients with Huntington's Disease who are referred from other dental practices. Referring these patients to Dr. Kurtzman enables them to receive the special care they require and removes the liabilities that often come with them from other dental practices. Once they are effectively treated, patients are sent back to their referring dental office for recall and recare.

If you, a friend or family member, or a patient in your practice has Huntington's Disease and requires dental care, please contact our Dentists Who Treats Patients with Huntington's Disease at David Kurtzman, DDS today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you.

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