Georgia Dentist Who Treats Patients with Von Willenbrand's

It can be challenging to find a Georgia dentist who treats patients with Von Willenbrand's. Von Willenbrand's is a bleeding disorder caused by low levels or the absence of a clotting protein called the von Willenbrand factor. Von Willenbrand factor helps platelets to clump together and stick to the blood vessel wall, which is necessary for normal blood clotting. Patients with Von Willenbrand's disorder can experience heavy, hard-to-stop bleeding after an injury, surgery or having a tooth pulled.

Problems with clotting and the possibility of heavy bleeding make it very difficult and even dangerous for patients with Von Willenbrand's disorder to receive complex dental work in a traditional dental office setting. Most dental practices are simply not equipped to safely treat these special care patients.

Dr. Kurtzman and the staff at David Kurtzman, DDS have worked very hard to create a practice that provides safe, effective and pain free care for patients with Von Willenbrand's disorder. Our office is specially equipped to handle special care patients, however, it is safer to treat many patients with Von Willendbrand's in a hospital setting.

Specialized Dental Care & Von Willenbrand's

Dr. Kurtzman provides safe Atlanta dental care to patients with Von Willenbrand's in specially equipped operating rooms at Wellstart Windy Hill and Kennestone Hospitals. In a hospital setting, patients are placed under general anesthesia by Anesthesiologists or specially trained Anesthetists under a doctor's supervision. To assure the patient's safety, the Anesthesiologist or Anesthetist monitors their health and breathing while they are under general anesthesia. Treating these special care patients in a hospital setting with close monitoring enables Dr. Kurtzman to provide them with effective, pain free dental care while at the same time ensuring their safety.

Dr. Kurtzman welcomes patients with Von Willenbrand's disorder who are referred by other dental practices. In fact, patients with Von Willenbrand's disorder travel from as far as South Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee to see Dr. Kurtzman. Dr. Kurtzman provides them with the special care they need and then returns them to their referring practice for recall and recare.

If you have Von Willenbrand's disorder and are in need of dental treatment, or if you have a patient in your practice with this disorder who needs dental treatment, please contact our Dentists Who Treats Patients with Von Willenbrand's at David Kurtzman, DDS today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you.

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